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How do I get involved in this group?

As a group that has been formed with the purpose of nurturing and promoting the many Digital and Technical companies in northern Devon, we will rely on you to bring to the table the exciting news and developments of your business. Please feel welcome to get in touch via email to discuss how you can get involved with Digital Northern Devon.

How is the group funded?

The Digital Northern Devon group has been set up a by a group of volunteers from local businesses and we would be keen to speak to any business or party that would be interested in offering funding or sponsorship on any of the events we intend to run.

We are also looking to generate support from other regional groups to give Digital and Tech business a greater promotional platform for their businesses.

What are the types of Business you are looking to Promote?

Any person or business within the Northern Devon area that operates in or has an interest in the Technological or Digital sector are welcome to join the group. If your objective is to grow and nurture the local talent in the area, we would be delighted to welcome you as members.

Some of the subject areas we are already discussing for the sector include:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Developing local talent
  • Keeping local talent
  • Bringing new talent/companies to the area
  • Supporting new tech and digital start-ups
  • Highlighting the tech and digital product offered from businesses in Northern Devon

What other information will you be sharing?

The Digital Northern Devon Group will look to share information and news gathered from partner groups including Tech South West and other tech groups within the South West, with our news and events also being shared amongst partner groups. Regular updates of upcoming events will be shared via emails and social Media posts. 

How do I keep update in the groups activity?

There will be many ways to keep updated on the activities of the Digital Northern Devon group.  We are initially aiming to run:

  • Quarterly group meeting with guest speakers, Q&A’s and workshops
  • A monthly newsletter detailing upcoming events and relevant news and updates
  • Regular email updates to registered users
  • Regular activity on the website and Blog
  • Regular Updates on our social media channels - see links to the right

We have an ambition to grow the regularity of the meeting and communications with group members as the numbers grow, information will be given via the channels given above.

Become a member here.

How do I promote my product or service?

We plan to develop a database of companies who are involved in the Northern Devon Digital Group and those who are looking to promote digital or technical products made in the area. To get your company included, please complete the form provided via the link below.

Become a member of Digital ND and submit your company information to the database here.

You can also send us your latest news, press releases and content to us by email and we will happily share this through our digital channels.

I'm interested in being a guest speaker, how do I offer my services?

If you are interested in presenting at one of our events please email detailing what you would like to present and we will be in touch to discuss in more detail. We've already discussed TED style talks as one potential format for the quarterly meetings, where we plan to give 10-minute slots to companies and individuals, but we will also consider given longer slots if we feel the content is relevant. So, there should be plenty of opportunity to share your message through Digital Northern Devon.