Event: TechStorm 2019 by the Met Office

Where technology and business interact for the benefit of society and economy
26 March 2019
Met Office, Exeter

The Met Office are bringing together some of the world’s biggest and brightest technology organisations under one roof.  This is a rare opportunity to learn about world-leading current and future technology from world-class organisations, such as AWSCrayCACI and of course, the Met Office.

TechStorm 2019 is an environment for those of you taking on challenges at the extreme end of disruptive technology.  You may be surprised to hear how the Met Office is taking advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence.  You can also find out how they and their guests are using new technology to innovate and turn ideas into new products and services.  Are you keen to hear how other organisations use weather and climate data to innovate and build their business? 

Together with them, you’ll explore how new approaches are helping deliver value to the UK economy – whether that’s contributing to growth, productivity, skills development, regional development or other areas of focus in the Government’s Industrial Strategy.  From theoretical models to real-world supply chains, the Met Office Technology Conference is a chance to collaborate to realise the potential and applications of technology.  TechStorm is a space where technology and business can interact for the benefit of society and economy.

To book your place email us MyTech@MetOffice.gov.uk